Ayşe Ajda Pekkan (born February 12, 1946 in Istanbul) is a very popular Turkish actress and pop music singer. With the help of her sister, Semiramis, she started singing at the popular Istanbul nightclub "Çatı" (Roof) in 1962. The next year, Ajda won the "Cover Star" contest of the Turkish music magazine "Ses" (Sound) and thus began her professional career. From 1963 to 1967, she played in 47 films with popular Turkish actors, mostly in singer roles. Ajda"™s first recording, Her Yerde Kar Var, an arrangement of Adamo′s very popular Tombe la Neige by Fecri Ebcioğlu, brought her great success. Already nicknamed "Superstar" by her fans, Ajda released a spectacular album named Superstar.